Childbirth Preparation

Exploring Birth: A childbirth preparation series designed to inform and empower expectant parents 

breastfeedingThis class does not focus on one particular "method" or philosophy of birth. Rather, it draws from the instructor's education and experience of birth over the past 14 years. Serra has supported hundreds of local families through her yoga and birth classes. She has trained with childbirth educator's and midwives. She has attended over 200 births, including both home and hospital, as a doula and midwife's apprentice. She has a reverence and respect for the awesome power of the birth process and is passionate about empowering women, their partners and families to have positive birth experiences. Serra gave birth to her first baby on 10/7/10! The experience was both "positive and empowering" and has encouraged her to continue to support women and families during this precious time in their lives!

Class Overview